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The beds are all made to order. we can make them to any size you want. The standard sizes are 90 cm, 100, 140, 150 and 160 cm wide, the lengths being 190 cm or 200 cm. We can make all the styles on this page in single or double. There are different types of mattress to choose from. The rest of the furniture is also made to order, but we keep stock in the shop.

  Metal Furniture   This our most popular design. Product name is Koza style. available in all sizes and colours. D.N 101-0101. D.N 101-0500. This is again one of the popular designs, we like to call it our gothic style.
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen&dinning
  • Mirrors
  • Various
  Wood Furniture   This is our single koza style bed. The bed bases are made from metal which makes it very strong and you can easily clean underneath them! D.N 101-0107. D.N 101-0702 The heights of the headboards can be altered if the bed will go against a window that opens in.
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen&dinning
  • Others


       All of the designs here can be made single, double. D.N. 101-0300. D.N 101-0900
       D.N 101-0400. D.N 101-1000
      D.N 101-0600.

If storage space is limited we cam make the bed bases higher at no extra cost so they cam fit your cases.

D.N 101-1500
    D.N 101-0900.

If you need extra sleeping capacity then we have a style were you can have two single beds with one pushed under the other..

D.N 101-1316 All beds can be made with foot ends. the foot ends are normally just slightly shorter than the headboard. 
    D.N 101-1700.

All of the designs are hand made, you could choose from these or we and alter to suit your taste.

Bed D.N 101-1800. Bed side table D.N 102-0080
      Design no.101-2000. Bed D.N 101-1100. Bed side table D.N 102-0170.
      D.N 101-2400. This is a very special bunk bed, 90cm x 190cm top, 140cm x 190cm bottom plus a ladder. D.N 102-0010. This is the bed side table we call the koza bed side.
      D.N 102-0020. With every bed we can make matching bed side tables, normally they have two levels of glass. Wood, marble, Granite are also available. Bed side table D.N 102-0030.
      D.N 102-0040. All our metal furniture have rubber feet so they will not damage you floors. D.N 103-0015You can have dressing tables  with or without a mirror. Glass, wood, marble or granite tops.
      Bed D.N. 101-200. Bed side table D.N 102-0010. The bed and the side tables are all matching. Bed D.N 101-0115. Bed side table D.N102-0010.
      In this example we have mixed wood and metal. With wood bed side tables. D.N 101-2500
      All the head boards that you see here can be made into four poster beds. We also make the show curtains shown in the photo. Bed D.N 101-0800. Bed side table D.N 102-0010.
      D.N 104-0010 this a sample of our stools to go with our dressing tables. D.N  104-0040 This is our dressing table stool with arm.
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